If your alignment is off, it will throw the entire car off…

The gas mileages will be affected

The tires will wear faster

the vehicle will be unsafe to drive

I could go on.. but I think you get the point.

Driving a car (especially in Boston) We know potholes are a constant. Avoiding them is a right of passage for Boston Drivers.

But even the best of us Still cant avoid every pothole, every time.

This is a major reason why most of the cars we service are out of alignment, causing dangerous problems for the driver & their families.

We offer four wheel computerized alignments & computerized front end alignments.

All of our work is Done On-Site By an authorized Bosch & AC Delco technician

But the best part about having Volsar Auto in medford Auto Align your vehicle

*WE Guarantee Every part replaced. *We stand behind our work with a 18 month or 18,000 mile –
24 month warranty 24,000 mile warranty on every single part we install
(18-24K warranty’s determined by the parts we use) So it varies from car to car

* Our warranty is valid at any Bosch or Ac Delco Authorized shop throughout the country

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