Ever gotten that rotten egg smell in your car & Not sure where it is coming from?

Is your car sounding like a Mack Truck all of a sudden?

Is The Check Engine light on out of the blue?

Chances are, You may need an exhaust.

Unfortunately, Most repair shops Don’t touch Exhaust repairs.. Usually, they just recommend you to a specialist who could charge a premium for their service

Fortunately (For You), You found the right place.

Volsar auto in medford is one of the few Repair shops in the Boston Area that will Fix your Exhaust problems by either replacing the entire system(If it is warranted) or patching it up to make your exhaust system last a little longer.

So, Dont put it off anymore, You could be pulled over and cited if a cop can hear you coming from a half a mile away

You will Not be able to pass emissions for a new sticker If your exhaust is faulty.

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